How To Resign From Your Union In Michigan

Michigan public sector workers - those working for a government entity, like teachers and other school staff, state workers and local government employees - have the constitutional right to fully withdraw from a labor union because of the 2018 court decision Janus v. AFSCME. In short, regardless of whether Michigan passes or repeals a "right-to-work" law, no public employee can be fired for refusing to join or contribute to a union.

How to withdraw

Michigan Education Association: Workers covered by a contract from the MEA, or one of its local affiliates, can send a resignation email to

State Workers: If you work for the state of Michigan and are covered by a contract from UAW Local 6000, SEIU 517, AFSCME Council 25, the Michigan State Employees Association or the state Corrections Association, the union needs to get your permission to remain a member every year. If you want to withdraw, you have the option of simply not opting in annually.

Other Unions: For other employees who work for a public entity, to opt out of membership, we recommend sending an email or a written letter to the state and local branches of the union as well as your employers human resources or payroll department. Keep a copy of that letter (copy yourself in the email). If the union continues to withdraw dues, let us know and our legal team will review your case.

Opt Out

Michigan Union Opt-Out